Please see instructions below or see the video below

1. Please click the button "Patient login" to enter
2. Fill in the User Name given to you by your Doctor/Psychologist/Therapist
3. Fill in the Password EXACTLY as given to you by your Doctor/Psychologist/Therapist
4. Click the "login" Button below
5. You will see the Questionnaires assigned to you to be completed listed as Question 1, 2 etc.
6. Click the Question 1
7. Please enter your name Last name, First Name
8. Click in the Date field and a Calendar will pick today's date. Click the date.
9.In order to keep the interview as brief as possible, your Doctor/Psychologist/therapsit has asked you to answer very precise questions about psychological problems which require a yes or no answer.
10. When you have completed the Questionnaire, please click the "Submit" button.
11. If you have more questionnaires assigned to you, please answer the next questionnaire
12. Logout when you have finished answering the questionnaires.

See the video